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How to get rid of eyebrow dandruff

I suppose on some blog or message board somewhere I posted that I used to have eyebrow dandruff. Now I get the occasional email asking how I cured my eyebrow dandruff.

I used to have eyebrow dandruff. I found two ways to get rid of it:

The bad (but probably cheap) way to get rid of eyebrow dandruff is to use Eucerin. Actually I have no idea how expensive Eucerin is because my parents gave it to me. That fixed my eyebrow dandruff but left my eyebrows greasy which was almost as bad as having the eyebrow dandruff problem. I don't even know where to get Eucerin and I don't want to know. My dad still uses it even though the #1 ingredient was petroleum. Why would anyone knowingly put petroleum on his or her face? Actually many moisturizers contain petroleum or mineral oil (the sludge leftover from making gas); don't put that garbage on your face!

Then my wife's friend joined Nu Skin. I found that washing my face with Body Bar and then using both NaPCA Moisturizer and Enhancer Skin Conditioning Gel every night was better than Eucerin, because instead of the grease these products were all natural. Enhancer is especially awesome - a combination of Aloe and Royal Jelly that I use on my whole face twice a day. I haven't had eyebrow dandruff for a long time now! You can find more information and the products I'm talking about at mynuskin (Body Bar is under "Shop online - body", the others are under "Shop online - face - hydrate").

During the winter, I use some other ones like Nuskin Moisture Restore Intense Moisturizer because my skin gets even dryer in wintertime.

Here is a kind of archive of some of the emails I've gotten regarding eyebrow dandruff. It's probably only interesting to me, so feel free to ignore the following list of eyebrow dandruff questions.

How did you get rid of eyebrow dandruff? (Keona)

I was wondering how you cured your eyebrow dandruff for good. Thanks (Ward)

Hey, I saw you post on how you got rid of your eyebrow dandruff. Mind telling me how you did it? thanks A LOT (Laith)

Hey man, I have that same stupid eyebrow dandruff problem and it sucks. Sometimes I just give in and scrape it off, but it just gets red and comes back. I'm interested to know how you solved the problem. (Kevin)

Hey, I saw somewhere you had posted to email you on how to get rid of eyebrow dandruff. How do you do it? (Kha)