JET Health home spa treatments

JET Health home spa treatments

Look great, feel great!

JET Health at home spa treatments can focus on wrinkle removal, acne skin care, deep cleansing skin care, and can be customized.

JET Health offers treatments for different skin types. From dry to combinantion/oily and from sensitive to normal skin. While your skin type and skin care goals determine which products we use, each treatment begins with a deep cleansing. After the cleansing, your skin care professional will apply a facial mask. Following the mask will come toning, special treatments, and moisturizing.

You can also find the latest acne products and medicines.

Home spa experiences

I gave my wife an at home spa treatment gift certificate from JET Health for her birthday. At first I just thought it was something different but after the appointment I realized just what a great present the skin care treatment was. My wife was very happy. So was I because she looked happy and her skin was glowing. Part of it was the skincare and the facial but part of it was the confidence that comes when you look your best. Thank you from John in Cortlandt Manor, New York.

JET Health has taken the guesswork out of skin care. Thanks to them I know which products are good for me. They came over to give me a facial but they ended up giving me an education on skin care. My skin has been getting better ever since. Thanks for the facial and the product recommendations! Sincerely, Megan (Seoul, Korea)

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